Titan X1 - Rental Kit

Sale price£2,940.00

Electronic Diffusion

High Speed Sync RGB Flash

16.7 million colours

Built-in wDMX & Bluetooth

The most versatile 1x1 on the market

The Rotolight Titan™ X1 reinvents the 1x1 panel; featuring best-in-class power alongside a pioneering feature-set making it ideal for both studio and location. Featuring the world's first electronic diffusion technology, SmartSoft™, electronically control diffusion, focus and spread without the need for gels, while the full-colour touchscreen display saves time on set. With powerful High Speed Sync RGB flash, built in wireless connectivity (Bluetooth/wDMX) and class leading energy efficiency, Titan™ X1 is the ultimate 1x1 light.

Introducing Smartsoft™

A revolution in lighting control, saving both time and money, SmartSoft™ allows you to electronically adjust your light’s diffusion, focus and spread without the need for gels. Like a 216 diffusion on an adjustable dial, SmartSoft™ provides the flexibility of a beautiful soft output and a harder light source all-in-one. The Titan™ X1 delivers a gorgeous soft output that wraps flatteringly around your subject and avoids sharp shadows.

High-Speed RGB Flash

For professional studio and portrait photographers, the Titan™ X1 provides the world’s first High Speed Sync RGB flash (1/8000th) with a powerful output and zero recycle time for flash that can keep up with you. Shoot at any colour temperature across the CCT spectrum, for a significant performance boost over continuous light performance. Alternatively shoot in any one of Titan’s™ 16.7 million colours for the ultimate creative lighting effects and battery performance. Titan™ X1 can be wirelessly triggered at up to 656ft (200m) with the integrated Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver, with Skyport transmitters available for all major camera brands.

Intuitive. Fast. Responsive.

Effortlessly access key features with an easy to use interface, quick-start icons, and 10 user customisable presets, saving time on set. With a full-colour touchscreen display, preview Titan’s™ extensive filter library to ensure that you achieve the exact colour you want at a moment’s notice.