Sale price£3,870.30

Electronic Diffusion

High Speed Sync RGB Flash

16.7 million colours

Built-in wDMX & Bluetooth

Bigger, Better, Brighter

As the brightest 2x1 soft light ever made, Titan™ X2 provides enough power to adapt to any lighting situation and performs excellently across the entire CCT spectrum from 3000K – 10,000K

Introducing Smartsoft™

A revolution in lighting control, saving both time and money on set, SmartSoft™ allows you to electronically adjust your light’s diffusion, focus and spread without the need for gels. With the largest light aperture in its class, Titan™ X2 delivers a gorgeous soft output that wraps flatteringly around your subject and avoids sharp shadows.

Intuitive, Fast, Responsive

Effortlessly access keyfeatures with an easy to use interface, quick-start icons, and 10 user customisable presets, saving time on set. With a full-colour touchscreen display, preview Titan'sextensive filter library to ensure that you achieve the exact colour you want at a moment's notice.

A World of Colour at your Fingertips

Featuring an extensive library of over 1300 industry standard gels accessible at the touch of a button, unleash your creativity on set at a moment’s notice. With five lighting modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, XY and Filter, unlock endless possibilities with full control over your colour.